Digital Currency

Safari Dollar Digital Currency – S$/SCX

Tourism and Wildlife TV – Safari Channel has developed the first global tourism and travel digital currency and we are partnering
with major monetary, fudiciary, tourism and travel instititions globally. This will rely on blockchain technology and international tourists would pay
using a universal SCX/S$ e-value digital currency and debit card. We have already partnered with a debit card issuing organisation that will issue a SCX/S$ branded debit card in the European Union (EU). We have also been in-touch with the European Central Bank (ECB) and they have no objection to our digital currency in the European Economic Area – EEA.

Safari Dollar Digital
Currency (SCX/S$) – is an E-Value Currency and NOT a crypto-currency. It will first be
introduced in Europe via our European Office.

The safari dollar digital currency (S$/SCX) currently has an
exchange rate value of 1 e-value unit of S$ = 20 US$.

The Environment Dollar (ECX/E$)

Tourism TV has partnered with Environmental carbon credit Enterprises to drive the world’s first environmental digital mobilization digital currency known as the environment dollar with an acronym of ECX/E$. The current value of one unit of Environmental Dollar Digital Currency – ECX/E$ = 20 US$

Environmental conservation is also essential in Wildlife conservation because Wildlife cannot exist and thrive where the environmental ecosystem has been neglected or degraded. This may lead to wildlife/human conflict with communities that live on the boundaries or perimeter areas of parks. As such Environmental Carbon Credit Enterprise will mobilize funds for climate mitigation and adaptation through various platforms including the voluntary carbon scheme (VCS), Corporate & global citizens donations.

Environmental carbon Credit can be reached via email: